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12 Best Sustainable Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Lucy Shea, CEO of the sustainability brand called Futerra, said: “The revolution will look fabulous.” However, it’s not so easy to start a fashion revolution if you do not have a tribe. This is why we’re presenting 12 sustainable fashion bloggers to follow.

What is sustainable fashion and why does it matter? Although there is some debate as to the actual numbers some say that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil. Here are some headline statistics:

  • Making our clothes consumes 10% of the world's carbon[1]
  • One garbage truck of textiles are wasted every second[2]
  • The fast fashion industry creates 20% of waste water globally[1]
  • Fashion suppliers manufacture 63% of our clothes from synthetic oil based raw materials
  • In the last 15 years clothing production has doubled[2]
  • We’re missing out on $460bn worth of value by throwing out clothes that could continue to be worn[2]

We must think more ethically and sustainably about our clothing and fashion choices. Check out our selection of sustainable fashion bloggers. Many feature and celebrate ethical clothing brands that are doing their bit to help reduce the impact of fast fashion. Not only will they give you some style inspiration, but their blogs are also a good place to find like-minded people who share the same interests in ethical fashion as you do.

You'll also find many champion recycling and reuse of fashion. Buying second-hand from one of our picks of the best thrift stores in itself can help you make a positive step to helping the environment.

As you explore their pages, be sure to interact, ask questions, let them know that you appreciate their contributions, and make a friend or two!

12 Sustainable Fashion Bloggers to Follow

1. Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic Responsible Fashion Blog

The Sustainably Chic blog is a popular source for the latest sustainable fashion, green beauty, and eco-friendly fashion advice. Natalie, a woman with an already budding career in fashion, started the blog in 2014.

She quickly realized that although she was in the industry, she wanted a way to speak on the things she did not ethically agree with, and also share her personal style.

Hence, Sustainably Chic was born. The blog carries tons of eco-friendly fashion advice which Natalie has been writing for 7 years. My favorite part is the conscious list section, where you can find helpful lists on everything from ethically made rompers to sustainable nursing clothing.


2. Season + Salt

Seasons + Salt Simple conscious style blog

With this blog, Andrea encourages her readers to “ditch fast fashion and buy clothing that is good for people and the environment.” In her bio, she states that “I’m here to show you that ethics and style are not mutually exclusive.” She makes good on that promise as she loads Season + Salt with style advice for all seasons.

Andrea also uses Season + Salt to support independent ethical designers. She has a category labeled ‘Where to Shop’ filled with stores to find everything from hipster-chic outfits to baby wears.


3. Melanin & Sustainable Style

MelaaninASS eco-friendly fashion blog

Dominique Drakeford created a sustainable style blog for women from communities of indigenous cultures, but that’s not all she did. She injected her easily lovable personality into the brand and made it easier for readers to identify with the stories shared. Melanin & Sustainable Style, or MelaninASS as they call it, is a collection of fashion, beauty, and wellness news and tips.

This eco-friendly fashion blog shares fashion and beauty advice, while reminding its target audiences to make conscious purchases that will support their environment, and the sustainment of indigenous lands.


4. Ethical Elephant

Ethical Elephant - Cruelty free & vegan lifestyle blog

Ethical Elephant may look like a cute, playful website, but their research efforts could rival that of mainstream journalists. The blog, started by Vicky Lu, shares cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle advice for anyone looking to go vegan in all aspects of their lives. She also explains that it’s not about being the perfect vegan, but about starting today and trying your best.

On this blog, you can find everything from shopping guides, to cruelty-free brand lists, and brand reviews. My favorite section has to be the ‘Coupons’ page, where there’s always a nice discount code waiting.


5. Tortoise & Lady Grey

Tortoise and lady grey - slow fashion and sustainable style blog

Summer started her blog for a reason which most of her readers could relate to. She knew the human and environmental costs of fast fashion, but it was her guilty pleasure for a long time. In 2012, she decided to make the commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. Her blog, Tortoise & Lady Grey, was a way to document her journey.

Today, it’s an avenue to teach other interested women about eco-friendly fashion, DIY style, and the importance of mending instead of throwing out.

Summer also works with an NGO in China which is concerned about the human rights of factory workers in Chinese cities.


6. The Discerning Brute

The Discerning Brute - mens vegan lifestyle blog

This blog teaches men the culture of animal cruelty-free food and fashion. The founder, Joshua Katcher, is an author, activist, and fashion designer whose work has been recognized by magazines such as Vogue, British GQ, and Complex. Joshua uses his eco-friendly fashion blog to promote the awareness that veganism isn’t gendered and that men should not see limitations to their ability to be vegans, both in their diets and in their fashion.


7. Blog of CSF- Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Centre for sustainable fashion eco-friendly fashion blog

The blog of CSF is a collection of the research and writing of a group of contributors. The Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) is a Research Centre of the University of the Arts London at the London College of Fashion. They explore the hidden aspects of the fashion industry that are usually not obvious at first glance. Therefore, if you’re looking for structured, well-researched articles on the fashion industry, this blog promises a weekly update of just that.


8. Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess B;pg

Eco Warrior Princess is a personal favorite of mine. This blog is a reliable source for every type of eco-friendly brand you could possibly need. Jennifer Nini started the blog in 2010 to share her personal experiences with eco-friendly brands and practices. Although the blog has a lot more writers now, its aim is still relatively the same.

Today, Eco Warrior Princess teaches its readers about conservation, sustainable fashion, environmental issues, feminism, and much more. The aim of their eco-friendly fashion blog is to contribute to the solution, not the problem.


9. Sustainable Daisy

Sustainable Daisy. Fashion, beauty and going green

Karen, an environmental scientist, started this blog to share her love for the planet. She puts the mission of Sustainable Daisy as “creating a more sustainable eco-friendly wardrobe, beauty routine, and lifestyle. Daisy uses her blog to teach her readers about sustainable style, and the importance of repurposing items. She also features eco-friendly brands which are owned by people who are just as passionate as the environment.


10. Eco-Stylist

Eco Stylist. Mens fashion and ethical style

Eco-Stylist is an online retail store for ethical men’s fashion, but their blog is a quality reserve of sustainable fashion information. Their topics range from challenging the norms of fashion for the modern man, to tips on repurposing old clothing items.

Best of all, they curate lists on the best brands for people with sizes that are usually not on mainstream size lists. So, if you’re looking to find men's clothing that will never end up in a landfill, or find the most sustainable shoe in the world, Eco-Stylist’s eco-friendly fashion blog has it all.


11. Fashion Me Green

Fashion Me Green. Style and Sustainability

Fashion Me Green is run by a popular name in the sustainable fashion industry- Greta Eagan. During her MSc in Economics, she decided to focus on sustainable fashion. The research conducted while writing her dissertation formed the building blocks for both her blog and her book “Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe”.

Using the Fashion Me Green blog, Greta shares helpful tips on creating an eco-friendly wardrobe/outfit for different events and seasons. She’s also a personal stylist and shares lookbooks on the blog.


12. Old World New

Old World New. Sustainable Living and Zero Waste Blog

Addie, the owner of this blog, has a quote that says: “Everything can be done sustainably.” She’s designed Old World New as a guide for anyone who wants to incorporate sustainability into their fashion. She particularly enjoys talking about thrifting; how to find good thrift items and how to repurpose them to fit into your own style.

This isn’t just a blog about sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Addy provides tips that will help you save money and transition into your new style because “a lot of us have to save money to invest in things that will help us become better stewards of the earth”.


Inspired by Our Sustainable Fashion Bloggers?

With this list of sustainable fashion blogs, you don’t have to look any further for eco-friendly and ethical fashion inspiration. These bloggers also do their research and bring to light new information you might need to know about the impact of the clothes you wear.

Did we forget any of your favorite eco-friendly fashion bloggers? Add them to the list using the comment section below!

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges. She’s also busy researching and exploring technology applications for product development for a changing world.

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