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Ghilaine is passionate about allowing people to do their best work and delight others. She activates people to collaborate better in fast growing businesses, building effective operations, increasing motivation and improving customer relationships in a fast paced, changing environment.
Rob has extensive experience of leading change in organisations of all sizes. People are at the core of all improvements and, as a career strategist, Rob’s belief is motivated workforce is the single most impactful aspect. Having been in the C-suite, he knows the key is the recognition of the enlightened self-interest of senior management […]
Selva Ozelli Esq, CPA is a legal and finance executive with diversified experience dealing with highly complex issues in the field of international taxation and related matters within the banking, securities, Fintech, alternative and traditional investment funds (investing in equity, debt, real estate, derivatives, credit instruments, mortgage backed securities) and aerospace industries.  Her first of […]
Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert who loves to research and craft insightful viewpoints across TRVST’s fields of action. Jen holds a science degree majoring in mass communication and media studies from Babcock university where her studies focused on advertising and public relations. For TRVST, Jen delivers expert editorial that connects with our global […]
John is a pragmatic leader with 25 years' experience working in companies at all levels, from teams to c-suite, bringing real, value-adding change to the way organisations really work.  Dissatisfied with the standard discourse around transformation and agility he is passionate about applying cutting-edge knowledge from fields as diverse as complexity, sociology and psychology in […]
Claire Burdett is the co-founder and director of The Media Marketing Co, an integrated agency specialising in social media marketing and getting brands visible and on the first page of Google.
Burke Turner is motivated by helping people meet and surpass their potential as members of a team. An experienced facilitator delivering digital strategy, digital transformation and cutting edge curriculum development/ Burke is a writer and speaker on topics such as the future of work, growth mindset, systemic thinking, OKR methodology, artist development and more.
Dene Stuart is the founder of the Exceptional Leader Academy. Through his experiences of a 35-year commercial career as a leader in the corporate world and as an employer in his own businesses, he has identified 7 key principles of Exceptional Leadership and the skills you must develop if you want to be truly effective […]
Marc is the former Head of Strategy at BP and is a global commercial strategy & transformation leader.  He specialises in strategy development & delivery & has provided support to numerous start up businesses as well as scale organisations around the world. He previously worked with Britvic, EMI Records and Honda.
Jessica has been part of TRVST’s journey from its early formative stages, bringing a wealth of expertise in customer-led strategy and proposition development. Her interest in TRVST was originally peaked over breakfast with Ben when together they explored the lack of places for people to come together to do some good in the world. This […]
Tilesh is TRVSTs Chief Financial Officer. His first link into TRVST was speaking at one of our early events, sharing insight into financing journeys of growth and his instrumental role in helping Virgin become one of the mightiest brands in the world. Alongside his role advising TRVST, Tilesh is founder and CEO of The SME […]
Rhodri Davies is Head of Policy & Programme Director at Charities Aid Foundation. He leads Giving Thought, CAF’s in-house think tank focussing on current and future issues affecting philanthropy and civil society. He is an expert on wide range of philanthropy topics - past, present and future. He is the author of a book about […]
Graeme believes new answers to difficult problems come from creating relationships. On meeting TRVST he quickly realised the size and potential scale of the impact to be achieved by connecting the right people in the right way. Since, Graeme has been advising our growth plans and representing TRVST across a range of large organisations and […]
Steve is a passionate believer in the power of both marketing and tech to do good in the world. Working with the team at TRVST he’s helped kick off our movement for change and co-chairs our millennial panel, exploring the question with young influencers “Where’s the rebellion?” Steve Henry was previously founder and Creative Director […]
Ian is has deep financial and commercial experience across the not for profit and SME sectors.   He specialises in supporting high growth SMEs, working collaboratively with senior teams to provide clear focus on financial strategy and commercial management. Previously Ian was the CFO and Commercial Director at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, one […]
Beccy has supported TRVST since its very early days, providing insight into both the charity world and also corporate social responsibility. She is a big fan of the positive difference that can be achieved when people think beyond what exists and look to technology to drive more impact. With TRVST she is passionate about the […]
Max is long time friend of TRVST and has watched us grow from a germ of an idea, through events across networks into a fully fledged platform proposition to scale social impact. Alongside helping TRVST with pearls of wisdom and ongoing advisory Max is the VP of strategy & innovation at Techstars, the leading global […]
To borrow from Gandhi: “be the change you seek” Alasdair is business leader with a strong background helping large organisations and their board members to shape and deliver strategy. On coming to understand the TRVST model, he commented, “you’ve got something amazing here!” He is helping TRVST clarify three critical stories: understanding the market space, […]
Justin has been instrumental in helping to develop the economic aspects of TRVST’s theory of change. He brings to TRVST a unique blend of economic insight, corporate experience and understanding of the opportunities and challenges of online platform development. Alongside his advisory role at TRVST he works as a Platform Value Architect at Launchworks, specialising […]
Sean is CEO of Esports Gold, a content led entertainment platform in the growing eSports market and a proponent of young and evolving markets. Sean has a combination of real world financial and technical experience from a background of M&A, corporate finance, strategic modelling and chartered accountancy. Sean worked with the team at TRVST modelling […]
Ben has spent the last 20 years building agency businesses to help large blue chip clients make the most of digital opportunity. His experience is leading digital strategy, building digital products and helping organisation transform for a more digital future. He has worked on a global level with clients including AMEX, Honda, Pernod Ricard, Adidas […]
Adah Parris above all else believes in the power of human potential and that we need to put people at the heart of our future, to help them find the freedom of personal expression, cultural freedom, economic freedom, and social freedom. She believes that we need to create a society motivated by the growth of […]
Sam is a professional writer with a particular interest in promoting sustainable practices for small businesses.
Kerstin is passionate about people and our planet, and believes that putting both at the heart of business delivers results that are far greater than the sum of the parts. Kerstin drives positive change, high-performance organisational change and unblocks success. She works with social enterprises, start-ups and scale ups to help achieve sustainable growth. Kerstin […]
Valentina is TRVST’s Social Impact and Development Advisor and passionate about creating innovative and systemic solutions for social and environmental impact. She is Executive Director of Media Matters for Women, a women’s empowerment charity that employs female journalists to create and disseminate broadcasts on women's rights in Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo. […]
Born with a passion for natural health care, Renée Mann is an ambassador for Ayurveda. Drawing on her experience in business Renée's perspective is to look at a person's environment to determine how it impacts on health and wellbeing. Renée firmly believes food is medicine and we can all lead healthy lives by making some simple […]
Zoe delivers TRVST's editorial vision, network outreach and multi-channel social engagement. She is passionate about building networks and movements to accelerate social change and to create system-wide change. She has previously worked for citizen-led change in UK social care and mental health services and working in Uganda to empower university students through social entrepreneurship.
Jackie is part of our team, researching and delivering content for the Trvst website to showcase change makers and inspirational stories . Starting her first company in the 1980s, she has a sound understanding of technology and building businesses. As Marketing Director, she has raised funds and taken her company to the Unlisted Securities, now the AIM, […]
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