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5 Best Eco Friendly Headphones for Conscious Music Lovers

Music is an important part of many people’s lives. We listen to music on the go, while doing chores and simply for relaxation. To enhance the listening effect, many people opt for headphones. Apart from the desire to listen to music, we also use headphones to enhance the sound quality when taking calls. For conscious customers and music lovers, we’ve curated a list of some of the best eco-friendly headphones. 

Naturally, when shopping for new headphones, we lookout for certain qualities. Such qualities include superior sound quality, long battery life, and powerful bass. Also, we consider if the product can sit on our heads comfortably. 

Although these are important, another aspect needs to be carefully considered. We also need to take into account the environmentally-friendly features of audio products. Many brands are now creating durable headphones that complement sustainable living.

Pure Plastic vs Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Headphones

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When you think of the perfect choice for headphones, whether wireless headphones or wired products, certain features come to mind. However, it’s important to also consider the lifecycle of your headphones and wireless earbuds during the purchase stage. 

Many headphones in the market consist of cheap plastic materials. As a result, they have a negative environmental impact. Apart from the fact that they are entirely plastic, many of them don’t last long. As a result, people often end up throwing them out regularly - thereby increasing their environmental impact. If you’re looking to reduce the negative impact on the environment, look out for eco-friendly headphones. 

What to Look Out for When Shopping from Audio Companies

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Apart from essential qualities like sound quality, built-in microphone, and the fit of ear cups, also look out for:

Sustainable Materials

Although it can be difficult to find audio devices entirely from natural materials, companies are becoming more conscious. Many conscious brands are now switching to sustainable and natural materials when producing their headphones. Many of them now incorporate recycled materials and eco-friendly materials like FSC certified wood and organic cotton. You can also look out for materials like recycled aluminum and recycled plastics. 


Conscious companies create PVC-free devices as a way to protect the environment further. PVC is a type of plastic that releases toxins into the environment throughout its lifecycle. That is, from manufacturing down to disposal. This material harms the planet.

High-Quality Specifications

When you purchase a high-quality device, you're choosing something that’ll last long. Longevity is an eco-friendly feature because it ensures that people use an item for an extended period. This prevents tossing products out constantly and therefore reduces piles of items in landfills. Therefore, properties like long battery life and high-quality sounds speak to how durable a product is.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Packaging is another aspect that determines the carbon footprint of a company and its devices. Therefore, also look out for packaging with minimal plastic components and ideally sourced from recycled materials.

5 Sustainable Headphones from Conscious Brands

For the conscious music lover, here are some of the best eco-friendly headphones that have less impact on the environment.

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House of Marley Positive Vibration 2

House of Marley Positive Vibration 2
Photo Credit: House of Marley

Highlights: Conscious sourcing and values 

This brand is a prominent name in the eco-friendly headphones market. This brand’s identity and purpose are linked to the desire to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy. It’s a collaboration with the Marley family to continue to spread the legend's passion for not just music but the planet as well. 

The company created this pair of headphones with premium comfort, sustainability, and superior sound in mind. The device features plush ear cushions that offer a snug fit on the ears. 

This House of Marley product provides high-quality sound to enhance your audio listening experience. The company uses FSC Certified wood, recyclable aluminum, and its environmentally friendly ‘Rewind’ fabric to craft its devices. When you get the Positive Vibration 2, it comes in recyclable packaging. 

Apart from seeking to enhance lives through immersive quality experiences, the brand also commits to charitable causes. The company financially supports ocean and land conservation. 

A Combination of Natural and Recycled Materials

This product combines eco-friendly pieces to deliver an all-around planet-friendly pair of headphones. The combination of sustainability and craftsmanship makes these headphones stand out. 

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Meze Audio 99 Classics

Meze Audio 99 Classics
Photo Credit: Meze Audio

Highlights: Long-lasting properties 

Looking for headphones intentionally built to last? Then the Meze Audio 99 Classics just might be the device you’re looking for. You can fully service these headphones because they contain parts that you can take for replacement. As a result, you can use your product for a long time. The product includes walnut wood ear cups and a steel headband. It also features soft earpads to support your listening experience. 

These 99 Classics earcups have a natural sound-isolating feature. This can support activities like podcasts and studio recording. You can easily plug the headphone jack into various devices like smartphones and laptops. The self-adjusting headband allows you to adjust this pair of headphones to fit on your head comfortably. 

Headphones That Are Created to Last

No more throwing out your headphones once you detect that something’s wrong. Meze Audio created this device to ensure that it’s fully serviceable. So, apart from the warranty you get, you can always service or replace any of the parts. 

The brand avoids plastic by choosing items like wood and spring steel instead. By selecting elements from nature, Meze Audio can reduce waste and its carbon footprint.

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Thinksound ov21

Thinksound ov21
Photo Credit: Thinksound

Highlights: Comfortable design 

Thinksound carefully picks its materials to reduce its environmental impact. For instance, its headphones’ cables are PVC-free. Also, the brand sources its wood sustainably. This ov21 is Thinksound’s flagship product and its first design that you can wear over your head. 

The ov21 features call and music controls to deliver the best audio experience to you. It has a passive noise isolation feature to help you concentrate on the sound you’re listening to. 

Thinksound uses a material called Treva in this product. Treva is a bioplastic that comes from sustainable wood pulp. Apart from its earth-friendly features, at the same time, it produces better acoustic results. 

Unlike many headphones that feel uncomfortable on the head, the adjustable strap and memory foam aids support. 

Superior Sound Quality Meets Eco-Friendliness

With the Thinksound ov21, you get quality sound, comfort, and earth-friendly materials. The design supports not only superior quality but also a nature-friendly life. With this purchase, you support eco-conscious and waste reduction practices while enjoying your sounds.

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Organic Affinity BioBuds

Organic Affinity BioBuds
Photo Credit: Organic Affinity

Highlights: Earphones with non-toxic plastic

If you’re looking for eco-friendly earbuds, BioBuds is an excellent choice. The brand uses bamboo and plant-based bioplastics to craft this product. The bamboo has properties that enhance sound quality, so this product gives you crisp audio. The brand contributes to saving trees and preserving the natural world by using bamboo. 

Acoustic engineers are behind the design and manufacturing of these BioBuds. As a result, they carefully handcraft the earbuds. This results in a well-crafted small but powerful audio listening device. The Organic Affinity BioBuds also have noise-canceling features that enhance your audio listening experience. 

Eco-Friendly BioBuds

The plant-based bioplastics that this brand uses serve as an earth-friendly alternative to regular plastics. This way, you can enjoy your sounds while avoiding toxic plastics and ingredients. 

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Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wireless Headphones

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wireless Headphones
Photo Credit: Symphonized

Highlights: Earth-friendly wireless premium design

Symphonized uses natural wood to craft its offerings. Apart from these headphones, the brand also creates speakers and earbuds. The brand leverages the acoustic properties of wood to craft its products. As a result, you get effortless sound when you connect your headphones to any device. 

Before rolling out products into the market, Symphonized meticulously tests them. This ensures the items deliver the best audio experience to the users.

Symphonized uses walnut wood and properly padded ear cushions to give it a sophisticated style. The Wraith 2.0 also has an adjustable sleek metal frame that gives it a rustic look. So, if you’re into the rustic or vintage style, you’ll appreciate the design of these headphones. 

Comfort, Durability, and Premium Design

The Wraith 2.0 gives you premium style, structure, and properties you can enjoy. Due to the brand’s meticulous design, you get a long-lasting product. It also offers noise isolating properties that deliver powerful sound. 

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You can make eco-friendly choices even with your audio products. As we’ve examined in the list above, companies use innovative techniques to serve the people and earth better. 

The best part is that when you choose more eco-friendly & sustainable headphones you also enjoy better acoustic properties due to the enhanced sound effects that some natural materials provide. 

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